EN8D (080A42)


EN8D Carbon Steel Round Bar Bright / Black / Forged / Rolled

EN8D STEEL ROUND BAR Stockiest, Supplier, Trader, Dealer From Mumbai India.

EN8D Round Steel Bar is a medium carbon steel round bar that offers greater strength and hardness as compared to the low carbon grades. Formability and weldability of EN 8D is fair when using accepted shop practices. While machinability is good, this grade responds very well to forging and heat treating.

EN8D Black Round Bars are available with us in sizes of 10mm to 600mm in different make options including Rolling, VSP, JSW or Imported. These EN8D grade metal black bars contain less carbon content and are used for the welding of 18mm thick pieces. Being one of the noted Manufacturers, Stockiest and Suppliers, we offer En8D Carbon Steel Round Bar. Presinox Impex offers EN8D Bright Bars at market leading price on purchase of bulk quantities or large quantities of EN8D Bright Bars. We deal with high-grade EN8D Bright Bars and our company has a very good reputation in manufacturing industry.

At Presinox Impex we use advanced technologies for manufacturing process of EN8D Bright Bars and these techniques not only help us to save our time but also ensures precision in the final layout of EN8D Bright Bars. For delivering our products without risk and harmful damage we access latest packaging resources with our logistics team for delivery of EN8D Bright Bars.

EN8D Round Bar prime quality rolled using main producer prime quality billets and blooms from 16mm to 90mm. Presinox Impex firmly believes in catering to the needs of the customers by way of supplying genuine – tested materials at extremely reasonable rates. The said "En8D Round Bars" materials are always supplied with the test certificates and can be supplied in bulk quantity as well as retail quantity as per customers requirements "EN8Dround bar" can be supplied in size ranging from 16mm to 300mm. "EN8Dround bars" are supplied by us to various industries. We proudly state that customers come back to us – with regular orders, not with rejection complaints. In addition to "EN8D round bar" Presinox Impex also makes MS, EN8, EN8D, CK45, EN9, EN19, EN31, SAE 52100, 20MnCr5, EN1A, SAE 4140, SAE 1541, SAE 1141, EN42, SUP 9, SUP 11 and other grades. We are supplying these En8D round bars to our customers in Ahmedabad, Surat, Baroda, Kadi, Rajkot, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Jaipur, Indore, Ajmer, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and other parts of India.

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of En8D Carbon Steel Round Bar that are manufactured using high quality raw material and advanced technology. Our offered En8D Carbon Steel Round Bar product range includes Mild Steel Round Bars, Alloy Steel Round Bars, Bearing Steel Round Bars, Free Cutting Steel Round Bars and Carbon Steel Round Bars. These products are tested on various parameters in order to ensure flawlessness of the product. Our valuable clients can avail these En8D Carbon Steel Round Bar products at market leading prices. We are registered company, and have been recognized as one of the world’s leading stockiest and manufacturer of quality metals for over two decades and are committed to quick responses, unsurpassed quality, competitive pricing, reliable deliveries and an exhaustive inventory.


Sizes we offer in EN8D steel bars are :

Rounds – 23.5 mm to 300 mm

Bright Bars – 18 mm to 63.5 mm

Flats – 50 mm x 8mm to 150mm x 25mm

Squares – 22 mm to 75 mm

RCS – 55mm, 63 mm, 75 mm

Hexagons – 23.5 mm to 38 mm


Applications of EN8D Steel Round Bar :

Typical applications of En8d steel round bar

  • Gears
  • Shafts
  • Axles
  • Bolts
  • Studs
  • Crane wheels
  • Machine parts
  • Crank shafts
  • Automobile axle beams
  • Connecting rods
  • Moderately stressed parts of motor vehicles
  • General engineering works



En8D Carbon Steel Round Bar Applications :

  • En8D Carbon Steel Round Bar uses in Oil and Gas Pipeline
  • En8D Carbon Steel Round Bar uses in Chemical Industry
  • En8D Carbon Steel Round Bar uses in Plumbing
  • En8D Carbon Steel Round Bar uses in Heating
  • En8D Carbon Steel Round Bar uses in Oil & Gas Industry
  • En8D Carbon Steel Round Bar uses in Water Supply Systems
  • En8D Carbon Steel Round Bar uses in Paper & Pulp Industry
  • En8D Carbon Steel Round Bar uses in Power Plant
  • En8D Carbon Steel Round Bar uses in Fabrication Industry
  • En8D Carbon Steel Round Bar uses in General purpose applications
  • En8D Carbon Steel Round Bar uses in Food Processing Industry
  • En8D Carbon Steel Round Bar uses in Structural Pipe
  • En8D Carbon Steel Round Bar uses in Heat Exchangers
  • En8D Carbon Steel Round Bar uses in also used for other industrial purpose etc.


Features of EN8D Steel Round Bar: 

  • High tensile strength
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Available with thermo-mechanical rolling with superior strength in comparison to normal mild steel
  • Suitable for engineering applications requiring steel of greater strength
  • Tempered at temperature between 550°C to 660°C
  • After heating can be quenched in oil/water for hardening the steel


International Specification Comparisons or Equivalent of EN8D Round Bar

BRITISH BS 970:1991 080A42
BRITISH BS 970:1955 EN8D


Sizes Available in Stock with us :

Sizes Available with us in Ready Stock
6 MM EN8D Round Bar 30 MM EN8D Round Bar 120 MM EN8D Round Bar
8 MM EN8D Round Bar 40 MM EN8D Round Bar 130 MM EN8D Round Bar
10 MM EN8D Round Bar 50 MM EN8D Round Bar 150 MM EN8D Round Bar
12 MM EN8D Round Bar 55 MM EN8D Round Bar 180 MM EN8D Round Bar
14 MM EN8D Round Bar 60 MM EN8D Round Bar 200 MM EN8D Round Bar
16 MM EN8D Round Bar 75 MM EN8D Round Bar 220 MM EN8D Round Bar
19 MM EN8D Round Bar 80 MM EN8D Round Bar 250 MM EN8D Round Bar
22 MM EN8D Round Bar 90 MM EN8D Round Bar 300 MM EN8D Round Bar
28 MM EN8D Round Bar 100 MM EN8D Round Bar 330 MM EN8D Round Bar


Grades We Stock & Supply in addition to EN8D Round Bars:

MS, SAE 1018, IS 2062, A-105, SAE 1008, SAE 1010, SAE 1015, C15, C18, C20, 1020, C22, 1022, C25, 1025, C30, 1030, C35, 1035, 35C8, S35C, C40, 1040, C45, 45C8, 1045, CK45, C50, 1050, C55, 55C8, 1055, C60, 1060, C70, 41Cr4, 40Cr4, 40Cr1, En18, En18D, SAE 1541, SAE 1536, 37Mn2, 37C15, En15, SAE 1141, LF2, EN19, SAE 4140, 42CrMo4, EN24, EN31, SAE 52100, 20MnCr5, 8620, EN1A, EN8, EN8D, EN9, ST 52.3, EN42, En353, SS 410, SS 202, SS 304, SS 316 and other grades as per customer requirement.

Cities to which we supply EN8D Steel Round Bars:

Ahmedabad, Surat, Baroda, Kadi, Rajkot, Surendranagar, Mumbai, Pune, Chakan, Bhosari, Ranjangaon, Aurangabad, Ahmednagar, Kolhapur, Belgaum, Thane, Nagpur, Nashik, Chennai, Jaipur, Indore, Ajmer, Hyderabad, Hubli, Karnataka, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and other parts of India. We are En8D Steel Round Bar Stockiest, Supplier, Wholesaler, Distributor, Dealer, Traders all over India.


Other Grade We Stock and Supply :

USA Japan Germany   U.K.   France Italy Spain Sweden China
A570.36 STKM 12A 1.0038 RSt.37?2 4360 ? E 24?2 ? ? 1311 15
  STKM 12C     40 C   Ne        
1015 ? 1.0401 C15 080M15 ? CC12 C15, C16 F.111 1350 15
1020 ? 1.0402 C22 050A20 2C CC20 C20, C21 F.112 1450 20
1213 SUM22 1.0715 9SMn28 230M07 1A S250 CF9SMn28 F.2111 1912 Y15
12L13 SUM22L 1.0718 9SMnPb28 ? ? S250Pb CF9SMnPb28 11SMnPb28 1914 ?
? ? 1.0722 10SPb20 ? ? 10PbF2 CF10Pb20 10SPb20 ? ?
1215 ? 1.0736 9SMn36 240M07 1B S300 CF9SMn36 12SMn35 ? Y13
12L14 ? 1.0737 9SMnPb36 ? ? S300PB CF9SMnPb36 12SMnP35 1926 ?
1015 S15C 1.1141 Ck15 080M15 32C XC12 C16 C15K 1370 15
1025 S25C 1.1158 Ck25 ? ? ? ? ? ? 25
A572?60 ? 1.89 StE380 4360 55 ? ? FeE390KG ? 2145 ?
1035 ? 1.0501 C35 060A35 ? CC35 C35 F.113 1550 35
1045 ? 1.0503 C45 080M46 ? CC45 C45 F.114 1650 45
1140 ? 1.0726 35S20 212M36 8M 35MF4 ? F210G 1957 ?
1039 ? 1.1157 40Mn4 150M36 15 35M5 ? ? ? 40Mn
1335 SMn438(H) 1.1167 36Mn5 ? ? 40M5 ? 36Mn5 2120 35Mn2
1330 SCMn1 1.117 28Mn6 150M28 14A 20M5 C28Mn ? ? 30Mn
1035 S35C 1.1183 Cf35 060A35 ? XC38TS C36 ? 1572 35Mn
1045 S45C 1.1191 Ck45 080M46 ? XC42 C45 C45K 1672 Ck45
1050 S50C 1.1213 Cf53 060A52 ? XC48TS C53 ? 1674 50
1055 ? 1.0535 C55 070M55 9 ? C55 ? 1655 55
1060 ? 1.0601 C60 080A62 43D CC55 C60 ? ? 60
1055 S55C 1.1203 Ck55 070M55 ? XC55 C50 C55K ? 55
1060 S58C 1.1221 Ck60 080A62 43D XC60 C60 ? 1678 60Mn
1095 ? 1.1274 Ck101 060A96 ? XC100 ? F.5117 1870 ?
W1 SK3 1.1545 C105W1 BW1A ? Y105 C36KU F.5118 1880 ?
W210 SUP4 1.1545 C105W1 BW2 ? Y120 C120KU F.515 2900 ?

  • Cities we Supply our EN8D (080A42) to :

    Agartala, Agra, Agra Rampur, Ahmedabad, Aizawl, Ajmer, Aligarh, Allahabad, Alwar, Amaravati, Ambala, Ambattur, Ambernath, Amravati, Amritsar, Aurangabad, Bangalore, Bareilly, Belgaum, Bhagalpur, Bhavnagar, Bhilai, Bhiwandi, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Bidhannagar, Biharsharif, Bikaner, Bilaspur, Bokaro, Chandigarh, Chennai, Chittoor, Coimbatore, Cuttack, Dahod, Davanegere, Dehradun, Delhi, Dhanbad, Dharamsala, Dindigul, Diu, Durgapur, Mumbai, Lucknow, Coimbatore, Imphal, Mysore, Ratlam, Delhi, Kanpur, Darjeeling, Jalandhar, Nagpur, Solapur, Kolkata, Allahabad, Dehradun, Jammu, Nashik, Srinagar, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Faridabad, Jamshedpur, Bhadravati, Chattisgarh, Durgapur, Asansol, Hospet, Bellary, Visakhapatnam, Nellore, Surat, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Ghaziabad, Jhansi, Patna, Siliguri, Hyderabad, Amritsar, Noida, Kochi (Cochin), Mangalore, Indore, Vadodra, Bhubaneswar, Bikaner, Bhavnagar, Tirupur, Ankleshwar, Warangal, Agartala, Thoothukudi, Thiruvanthapuram, Jaipur, Aizawl, Guwahati, Kozhikode, Raipur, Vishakhapatnam, Jabalpur, Bhopal, Gwalior, Ludhiana, Rajahmundry, Thane, Agra, Bhubaneshwar, Gurgaon, Madurai, Rajkot, Varanasi, Bhilai, Haridwar, Meerut, Ranchi, Ahmednagar, Akola, Amravati, Aurangabad, Baramati, Beed, Bhandara, Bhiwandi, Buldhana, Chandrapur, Chimur, Dahanu, Dhule, Dindori, Erandol, Gadchiroli, Hatkanangle, Hingoli, Ichalkaranji, Jalgaon, Jalna, Karad, Khed, Yavatmal, Kolaba, Kolhapur, Kopargaon, Latur, Malegaon, Mumbai, Nagpur, Nanded, Nandurbar, Nashik, Osmanabad, Pandharpur, Parbhani, Rajapur, Ramtek, Ratnagiri, Raver, Sangli, Satara, Shirdi, Shirur, Solapur, Thane, Wardha, Washim, Andhra Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Nagaland, Uttarakhand, Haryana, Lakshadweep, Arunachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, Odisha, West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh, Assam, Karnataka, Punjab, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Puducherry, Bihar, Kerala, Rajasthan, Chandigarh, Meghalaya, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Sikkim, Dadar and Nagar Haveli, Mizoram, Goa, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Daman and Diu, Tripura, Gujarat, Manipur, Telangana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh in India, Faridabad, Fatehpur, Gandhidham, Gandhinagar, Ghaziabad, Greater Hyderabad, Greater Mumbai, Greater Warangal, Gurgaon, Guwahati, Gwalior, Haldia, Howrah, Hubballi-Dharwad, Hyderabad, Imphal, Indore, Jabalpur, Jaipur, Jalandhar, Jammu, Jamnagar, Jamshedpur, Jhansi, Jodhpur, Junagadh, Kakinada, Kalyan-Dombivali, Kanpur, Karnal, Kavaratti, Kochi, Kohima, Kolhapur, Kolkata, Kota, Lucknow, Ludhiana, Madurai, Mehsana, Mangalore, Mangaluru, Mira-Bhayandar, Moradabad, Morbi, Mumbai, Muzaffarpur, Mysore, Nagpur, Namchi, Nasik, Navi Mumbai, NDMC, Nellore, New Delhi, New Town Kolkata, Noida, Oulgaret, Pali, Panaji, Panipat, Panvel, Pasighat, Patiala, Patna, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Port Blair, Puducherry, Pune, Raipur, Rajkot, Ranchi, Raurkela, Industrial Township, Rourkela, Sagar, Salem, Satna, Secunderabad, Shaharanpur, Shillong, Siliguri, Silvassa, Solapur, Srinagar, Surat, Thane, Thanjavur, Thiruvananthapuram, Thoothukudi, Thrissur, Tiruchirapalli, Tirunelveli, Tirupur, Tumkur, Udaipur, Ujjain, Ulhasnagar, Vadodara, Vapi, Varanasi, Vasai-Virar, Vellore, Vishakhapatnam.

    Countries we Export our EN8D (080A42) to :

    United States of America, Malaysia, UAE, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Qatar, India, China, United Kingdom, Singapore, Canada, Thailand, South Korea, Turkey, Philippines, Egypt, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, Vietnam, Australia, South Africa, Portugal, Morocco, Costa Rica, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Mexico, Brazil, France, Spain, Taiwan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Iraq, Ukraine, Poland, Jordan, Romania, Oman, Hong Kong, Venezuela, Colombia, Norway, Chile, Trinidad & Tobago, Greece, Czechia, Belgium, Sri Lanka, Cyprus, Angola, Myanmar (Burma), United Kingdom, Canada, South Korea, Thailand, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, Australia, Mexico, Pakistan, Vietnam, Brazil, Philippines, France, Taiwan, Poland, South Africa, Russia, Nigeria, Kuwait, Norway, Romania, Egypt, Oman, Sweden, Belgium, Hong Kong, Israel, Colombia, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, Ukraine, Chile, Bangladesh, Portugal, Ireland, Austria, Algeria, Greece, Iraq, New Zealand, Slovakia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Slovenia, Lithuania, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Bahrain, Bulgaria, Morocco, Tunisia, Croatia, Jordan, Ecuador, Trinidad & Tobago, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Ghana, Lebanon, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Latvia, Libya, Costa Rica, Cambodia, Macedonia (FYROM), Belarus, Jamaica, Palestine, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Costa Rica, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, Lithuania, Norway, Oman, Philippines, Poland, Qatar, Russia, Vietnam, South Africa, Nigeria, Mexico, Turkey, Hungary, Algeria, Angola, Argentina, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Belgium, Bhutan, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Italy, Japan, Libya, Romania, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, Tunisia, Ukraine, Yemen, Hong Kong, Gabon, China, Portugal, Switzerland, New Zealand, Sweden, Slovakia, Kenya, Lebanon, Morocco, Mongolia, India, United States, United Arab Emirates, Canada, Pakistan, Peru, Chile, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Israel, Iran, Kuwait, Mexico, Malaysia, Nigeria, Serbia, Singapore, Taiwan, Chile, Venezuela, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Brazil, Colombia, Ghana, Iran, Denmark, Poland, Australia.